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发表时间: 2020-03-23


Fires are common in Brazil in the annual dry season, but they are much more widespread thisyear. Brazilian state experts reported nearly 77,000 wildfires across the country so far thisyear, up 85% over the same period in 2018.

The goal is to "preserve this forest that we all need because it is a treasure of our biodiversityand our climate thanks to the oxygen that it emits and thanks to the carbon it absorbs," hesaid.

The military's first mission will be the deployment of 700 troops to the area around Porto Velho, capital of Rondonia, Azevedo said. He added that the military will use two C-130 Herculesaircraft capable of dumping up to 3,170 gallons of water on fires.

"As we chop more of the rainforest down – and this has been going on for decades, this is notan isolated issue — as we chop more of the rainforest, what we're risking is reaching a tippingpoint, where that moisture system might be too dry to produce the rain. And then you have aserious problem on your hands, because you're talking about the entire Amazon sort ofcollapsing."


An Associated Press journalist flying over the Porto Velho region Saturday morning reportedhazy conditions and low visibility. On Friday, the reporter saw many already deforested areasthat were burned, apparently by people clearing farmland, as well as a large column of smokebillowing from one fire.



"First, we need to help Brazil and other countries put out these fires," Macron said Saturday.

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